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  1. Chase Day 12 - SW Texas

    Gah , SW Tx...we've had connectivity issues all day too
  2. DSC0830

    From the album General Photography

    Nikon D3000, 55mm FStop : 5.6 Speed : 1/10sec ISO : 100

    © Claire Hudson

  3. I'm a definite but the Old Man is maybe...depending how far he gets with the laminate flooring he's been promising all year would be laid in time for Xmas
  4. Thanks Quentin, it was a long time due!
  5. It's late but here is my best (and favourite) shot I think I may have ever taken Thank you AZ for playing the game More to follow .......ok just one more for tonight! tooo excited not to post more! A similar one to Lewis from a different perspective 2 possibly 3 funnel clouds from our final storm of the day !
  6. I'm being blamed for speaking to you on FB...never underestimate the power of the Hordle!
  7. Slim pickings at the moment so may have to make do with some landscape shots but we'll do our best
  8. Rainbow in Sagauro National Park Mexican Storm Cell 40 miles South from us at the base of Kitts Peak Not strictly weather but the sunsets are one of the reasons why I love AZ and of course some lightning
  9. Looks as though I'm in trouble for not posting pics so far..but tech issues have meant I'm going to have to stop being shy and post them as is, so apologies for the wonky horizons etc : Stormy skies brewing after lunch in Flagstaff Monsoon Storm on the road to Prescott
  10. 2012 Storm Chasers Bbq

    What a sickly lot we are
  11. 2012 Storm Chasers Bbq

    Hi Guys, I need to bow out too as I'm still having stomach problems and have offiically been banned from alcohol and any food I actually like for the next few weeks
  12. 2012 Storm Chasers Bbq

    Hi Paul..I'm a definate maybe......was planning see what everyone was doing then bring snags, beer,salad and maybe cake ...that's all the main food groups covered?
  13. I'd kill to be on T1 this year....typical
  14. 2012 Storm Chasers Bbq

    Can I be uber girly and ask for recommendations on a B&B ?