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  1. Beautiful looking Cumulus over Culver about 20 minutes ago, 5 minute prior to it the base had a UFO shape, gutted i just missed it! but here ya go guys, taking off my phone  
  2. Saying that Northerlies in Spring has their benefits, where the sun is strong enough for Land convection, Northerlies can bring the whole package, Id love a slack Northerly spring, Land convective snow showers, hail, Thunderstorms, even thundersnow, i.e happened twice down here March 2007 and April 2008. They can be fun in spring Northerlies  and Hailman Gary smiles and agrees with that xD
  3. Had some insane hail pass threw the island about an hour and a half ago! some places had upto 2-4cms of hail! incredible scenes!  My friend even made this little hailman! Say hello to Gary...
  4. Damn Wisdom teeth pain, hate it! Just when i thought I was out of the woods with any illness, pain or something stupid! 

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    2. weather09


      Doesn't sound good.  Best thing for that would be a nice hot cuppa and an ice lolly as a treat.  

      Best of luck.


    3. Stormyking


      Its pretty unpleasant! Its also my bottom right one thats giving me the grief! Fell for you Dami!

      Got me cuppa 09! :D now gonna get ice lolly from the shop!

    4. Dami


      yes it was also my bottom right! horrible things.

  5. The line of precipitation moving towards us now im very confident on more hail! Thats if it remains and makes it! Definitlya lot cooler today   Temperature 7.1'c
  6. Storm Imogen

    What a lively night that was! here some screen captures from mine and my friends local forecasting page from last night  
  7. Panthers for the superbowl! come on boysss!

  8. Always a good thing i reckon, he will remember dates when so and so happened,pretty legit me thinks  dont think hes doing it to punish himself.   On another note slack northerlies though id happily take as time goes on tbh
  9. One bonus of it in spring, is the potential convective snow showers and bigger chance of thunder with it too Each to their own eh, this winter has been quite remarkable with some of the high temperatures, though I would of happily taken your 1 day of the white stuff
  10. Just when you think it will be over, the white wasteland will return in spring  
  11. Night time soon :D

    1. lassie23


      tomorrow soon too

  12. What Was The Last Song You Listened To? Part 4

    Some weird chill out style music, kinda eerie but I actually really love this type of stuff      
  13. Hang over from hell :(

  14. Get in! 95% chance of being picked for bowls England to play against Ireland in Belfast in 2 weeks! Get a phone call tomorrow :D! My first ever international experience!

    1. Daniel*


      Well done on your way to stardom :yahoo:

    2. Stormyking


      Haha thanks man

  15. As much id love to have cold weather, I think this is pretty incredible as an all round weather Enthusiast. Very interesting indeed