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  1. Good storm in Leeds in May 2009 - I remember it well as it occurred at night (a rare occurrence nowadays) - well, convection started in the afternoon, the storm then appeared by late evening and continued into the night. http://youtu.be/b7rn2hLh5fU
  2. I see way more snow than thunderstorms, definitely, thunderstorms were my favourite type of weather a few years ago though because they occurred so frequently it seems, but now I hardly see any.
  3. Not a single overhead storm here last year, truly appalling, never had a year so bad for storms in my entire life. Saw some good storms in the vicinity though, one particular storm affected most of Leeds but this little area on the eastern outskirts totally missed out! Literally a few miles west and there was an absolute deluge. I like to think of it as nature's way of balancing things out - I do quite well for snow, so I can't do well for thunderstorms, too (straws are tightly clutched!). Ah, well, it can only get better, I suppose. Doesn't help that I've already missed out on a few thundery downpours though.
  4. North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    A shame for me, and anyone else who was looking forward to a historic blizzard, so you can save your lecture about people disliking snowfall/snowfall causing problems for someone who cares.
  5. North American Weather (U.S.A & Canada)

    Started as snow in NY but appears to be raining, which is a shame.
  6. Didn't even realise that my 'predictions' for both Jan and Feb are exactly the same..
  7. SAM 0587

    From the album Snow Leeds Jan 2013

  8. SAM 0566

    From the album Snow Leeds Jan 2013

  9. SAM 0568

    From the album Snow Leeds Jan 2013

  10. SAM 0556

    From the album Snow Leeds Jan 2013

  11. SAM 0552

    From the album Snow Leeds Jan 2013

  12. Australian Weather

    It's like a record-breaking cold spell in the UK.. Hobart may even break the Tasmanian record.
  13. Australian Weather

    Hobart set a new record overnight low with 25.7C. Summers here, on average, are similar to those in Yorkshire and parts of the Midlands, just with the potential for severe heat.
  14. A lot of Stockholm webcams here for people who are craving snow.. http://www.webbkameror.se/webbkameror/stockholm/index.php