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  1. looking forward to finishing work on May 13th for #TornadoChase2016

    1. Nick L

      Nick L

      Booked my hotel last night for my first night out there, it's edging closer :D 

  2. 2016 Storm Chase Tour - Which Tour are you on?

    1800 BA flight to Heathrow, direct. Didn't realise there were too flights.
  3. 2016 Storm Chase Tour - Which Tour are you on?

    Hey guys, Am on Tour 2. I went last year and had literally the best 10 days of my life, new camera this year and I cant wait to go back. I'm flying the day before on Monday 16th at 1150 from Heathrow, 1550 into Dallas, and back on 28th May at 1800 from Dallas to Heathrow. Looking forward to seeing everyone again, and bagging some more tornadoes! Mike.
  4. sent you a message re. Tour 2 Storm chase.

  5. Hi,   I went out to America with Netweather this year for the Storm Chase on Tour 1 and got some amazing shots. I found the camera I had (Fuji S2950) with me, a bit difficult to use for the type of photography. It doesn't have much offering for long exposure, and it was very much a guessing game as to whether I caught lightning on it. As well, photography under the storms where its quite dark, didn't really come out brilliantly. I wasn't able to catch the colours that I was actually seeing, in the pictures.   I have a budget for a new camera before I go out to America next May, and am asking for suggestions for a new camera, that is really geared towards photography of storms and landscapes. I guess these are my most important requirements:- Camera that has good feedback for learning to capture lightning withGenerally good at capturing colours in storms well in darker surroundings (under storms)Long exposure (longer the better)Panoramic photography would be beneficial.My current camera is a bridge camera, and I am open towards suggestions of bridge cameras again or cameras with separate lenses. Budget is upto £500-£600 if the camera is a good one.   Any suggestions for cameras that are currently used for similar activities would be massively appreciated.   Cheers, Mike.
  6. Chase 2016

      Hi James,   As Paul said you will have a cracking time, whichever tour you are on. It was my first tour out there this year and I went on Tour 1. It's safe to say the weather made it a challenge for us some days, but without a doubt this was the best 10 days of my life...period. It was the best 'holiday' I've ever been on (I'm not one for sitting on a beach in 40C for a week). It was a fantastic bunch of people, with tour leaders who really know there stuff, and get you great views while staying as safe as possible. Some of the weather events we were treated too were phenomenal. I came back and two days later, my deposit was in for the 2016 chase. Seriously, if you've even got an inkling that you might like it, book a tour, you will not be disappointed! I personally cannot wait for next year and 10-12 weeks after landing, I'm still going through photos and video of my tour!   Hope this helps and maybe see you in 2016! Mike.
  7. Tour 2 booked this evening!
  8. Chase Day 11 - Oklahoma & Texas

    Missing it already and I'm still sat in the hotel! What have you done to me! xD
  9. Report & Pictures Chase Day 5 - Texas

    Hey everyone,   Absolutely loved yesterday. My first ever daylight full sized supercell. It was fantastic and I want to do it again haha! Never seen lightning drop like that before until yesterday.Never seen clouds twist and rotate like that until yesterday.Never seen it rain so hard like it did yesterday.Never seen clouds go such a turquoise colour as they did yesterday.A lot of firsts, and all set and ready to go for it all again! Enjoy the photos below1   Cheers, Mike.
  10. Tour 1 2015

      Hahaha! Appreciated Tom! So much looking forward to this, I think Tuesday and Wednesday at work will be write-offs!   Mike.
  11. Tour 1 2015

      That sounds great to me, I'll stay on the flight I am currently on, and can hang around the airport for sure.   Thanks for your help! Mike.
  12. Tour 1 2015

    Hey,   I fly on the 7th May and land at 1550 local time in Dallas on the 7th. Staying the night in Best Western 4100 W. Airport Freeway. Very very very excited now, final packing etc. Mobile is 07914156148 if anyone wants to get in touch. Presume flying out at day early like that is OK?   I've never been to America before so this is an adventure on two counts! What is the best way to get to the Best Western from the airport after I land?   Thanks and looking forward to meting everyone! Mike.
  13. Hi,   I've been lucky enough to get myself on the Weather Holidays Tour 1 with Netweather this year. I've currently got a Fuji S2950 bridge camera, which is great for general photography, but I was wondering if there are any cameras that are highly recommended for lightning, cloud structure and maybe tornadic weather? Lightning is definitely the key feature I am looking for in a good camera. I've read about the Nikon D90 but just wondered if there was anything that anyone here already uses that they would recommend? Budget is upto £300 for a camera, but flexible to other options. Also are GoPro cameras good for lightning and storm photography?   Thanks in advance! Mike.
  14. Need Help On The Site/forum?

    Hi,   I'm having issues Private Messaging other users on the forum. It says that the other user cannot send/receive messages. Just wondering if there is any other way I can contact them? Both are new users with 1 post each.   Thanks, Mike.
  15. Storm Chase 2015 - Which Tour Are You On?

    Hey,   I'm in the same situation - first ever trip to the USA, and also looking to meet people at the airport and fly across. I'm not able to send you a message on here, but let me know if you or anyone else is interested in meeting at the airport and flying.   Thanks! Mike.