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  1. I see nothing of note apart from a few transient PM shots, which is only good for high ground up north!
  2. Indeed Frosty, the 12z GFS op hinted at heights rising around that timeframe in that area too. Certainly worth watching at least.
  3. Actually, no! It's trying to build a scandi high! All fun at that range of course. The vortex is anything but organised!
  4. I think we will see heights pushing up mid Atlantic into Greenland as this run progresses from here into deep fairytale land! Look at the low, mid Atlantic, as it crosses, there is no energy coming up behind it... We'll know more very soon!
  5.   Oh, I see now 're-situating'!! I thought it was a form of the word residual!!! Thanks for explaining what should have been plainly obvious!!!
  6. Sorry to ask, but can you explain what this is?
  7. Sadly, you are correct, and that's exactly the form horse for the run up to spring!
  8. Generally, if the east coast USA goes into the freezer, we get strong Atlantic lows targeted at us via rapid cyclogenesis. It would be rather unusual if we could get sustained blocking in Greenland from that sort of pattern. 
  9. It's certainly over for my neck of the woods...   at at least I can always get my fix up in Wicklow!
  10. It doesn't, but thanks for trying! :-)
  11. My jealousy knows no bounds!!! Enjoy it lads. #DublinSnowShield works well in fairness to it, not a flake had today.
  12. It can cause something that happens regularly, rapid cyclogenesis pushing dartboard lows across to us on the jet stream. Not good news at all!
  13. Unfortunately he means brutal cold for the USA, not us
  14. And for the east of Ireland too... *insert sad emoticon*