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  1. Wales - Weather Chat

    that happened 5 years ago. Didn't get above 2.9 in central cardiff today.  thats below average.
  2. anyone that says the weather they are getting is pathetic is a mystery to me.  You can't control the weather.  You never will be able to control the weather.  You can go to other places that have better/worse weather.  That is all you can do.  Using words like pathetic is pathetic and people should concentrate on things they can effect like what your having for tea.  
  3. Wales - Weather Chat

    i've never quite got why people love storms unless its to clear a particularly long hot spell.   in the summer why do people crave storms which limit any outdoor activity?
  4. i'm the one with no knowledge and would appreciate a section where those that know more about these things can tell us what is likely to happen in the more reliable timeframe, ie, next 2 or 3 days.
  5. yeah my main moan is there is nowhere on this site to tell us with no knowledge what is going to happen in the next few days.  On the model discussion its always whats going to happen next week.  Its rather frustrating.
  6. they die because they are old and are succeptable to any deviant in temperature.  old people die when its 12 degrees but doesn't get reported.   we have the least extreme weather in the world.
  7. how many people have ever died from the cold in uk?
  8. how many people have ever died from the heat?  
  9. Wales - Weather Chat

    although not the coldest of spells Roath lake is partially frozen over last night which hasn't happened for 3 years.
  10. Wales - Weather Chat

    guess what, there were plenty of years with no big snow events.  
  11. Wales - Weather Chat

    anyone got a decent link to the Storey Arms webcam?  Seems nigh on impossible to find it these days?
  12. isn't it weird that people say we are a 'pathetic' island just because the weatehr isn't the same as a totally different part of the world that has always more extreme weather than us?
  13. Wales - Weather Chat

    seems to be a bit of a frenzy over there as well.
  14. Wales - Weather Chat

  15. possibly not the place to post but i'd love a thread on saying what will actually happen in words that people that don't understand the models and their individuals runs say.   for example   'it looks like the north will be wet, midlands dry and south west dry'   rather than   'there is a shortwave that may effect the scandi high and a reload of the zonal mild pattern developing in the atlantic.