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  1. Squeezed a wintry precipitation day out of this set up thanks to leaving home at 06.45 and it definitely sleeting from an isolated shower in an otherwise clear sky, surprisingly it was  slightly frosty and 1.1c at that time too so it must have been clear for much of the night.
  2. Really surprised they would put an early warning out for 7 to 8 days ahead when Sunday's Countryfile forecast only ever goes up to the Friday (6 days) now. Perfect day and the best for a long time due to no threat of showers ; hard frost, bright blue sky, long sunny periods, good convective Cumulus this afternoon and calm throughout.
  3. Let's make the most of this week's token frost tonight, it's been a once a week occurrence for several weeks now.
  4. Wonders will never cease, a minute of wet snowflakes at the end of a blustery, gusty sleety shower.
  5. Glad there has been a flurry up on the Mendips. Just remember that should those showers over Wales be heading our way they're pretty likely to largely die out as per last Wednesday morning and many many times previously. Rare situation this winter, the temperature has dropped through the afternoon despite sunshine.
  6. Lol and so the snow hopes begin to rise again to most likely be shattered amongst wailing and gnashing of teeth! The most impressive feature of Imogen is how rapidly the showers are moving, days like this make the NW Radar a must have for me.
  7. We went to Bath earlier and it was flowing VERY fast/high in the city centre as yesterday's deluge works through the river system. What about in BoA itself? Must be extremely close?
  8. 41mm in 24 hours since it started raining yesterday mid-late evening and it's just stopping now, there was a drier phase from 09.00-12.00 today when the front seemed to buckle back Westwards for several hours. Regarding wintry chances on Tuesday, it reminds me of a set up from a few years ago on a Thursday in February when it suddenly turned cooler but still very unsettled allowing frequent showers to become wintry.
  9. For what has seemed an unsettled last 10 days there's only been 15mm of rain here in that time, we could see double that tomorrow.
  10. Cricket - Summer Season 2015 and onwards

    Awful day for the respective wicketkeeper batsmen!!! Buttler 105 off 76 De Kock 138* off 96 De Kock could have run us pretty close had the storm not intervened.
  11. It's always 'next week' though this winter isn't it and any small nearer range possibilities (eg this morning, the Monday a few weeks ago) just fizzle out or provide cold drizzle. Meanwhile we have 2 more days well into double figures to come courtesy of another large warm sector after this latest mini chilly snap which brought the odd wintry shower, a slight frost, a cold wind but still maxima above average here!
  12. Countryfile although only 48 hours ago would have been completely irrelevant, it showed dry all tonight and tomorrow yet we have 2 showery fronts moving through instead!
  13. It was very showery where I was working (Rode, between Trowbridge and Frome) until 10.00 with some heavy bursts mixed in, perhaps moreso than suggested on forecasts yesterday. Much better since then with sunshine and the odd blustery light shower, 8.4c and falling.
  14. Warm sector again! Stratocumulus, brief sunny spells, equally brief drizzly outbreaks, 12.9c, gusty wind.
  15. 42 out of 61 days this winter have had double figure maxima!