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  1. Hi Ian

    forwarded this message to Paul S who suggested you might be able to advise - many thanks in advance!

    Hope you're well. Time to start plans for the chase this year. When I met up with you last year you were using a new device for data feed that auto switched between the best available networks and I remember you saying it was working well. Have you got any details you could share because the Verizon dongle I used last year was 'patchy' to say the least. A web link will do for now.

    I'll be in the field from about 23rd May for two weeks - with a vehicle that does more than 260 miles on a tank of gas!

    cheers in advance


  2.   Thanks Steve   I noticed this earlier and it then fixed itself before I could screen grab it, I'll feed it back to the techies.   Ian
  3. Hi   The main difference is the extra detail as it is based on new 500m resolution data sriram, compared to the existing 1km.  there's some comparison pics in this thread - https://forum.netweather.tv/topic/84002-new-500-metre-rainfall-radar-first-look/#entry3259269   Ian
  4. Hi   Picking a best date is a tough one, all the tours usually catch decent storms and every year is different.  I'd say T4 is a bit different to the first three because it is usually up on the northern plains, which makes it more of a unique experience, but weather wise it's impossible to call.   We usually collect from the airport, though some guests like to fly in a day early to acclimatise before the tour starts and we'll let everyone know which hotel would be best (our usual Dallas start point, The Best Western in Irving is shut for refurbishment next year, so I'll have to do a bit of hunting around to confirm where we'll be.   Single travellers are very welcome, and we will always try to put like minded people together for room sharing, or there is the option to reserve a single room for a surcharge.   We tend to have less down time than some other tour companies as we know just how storm starved most Brits are, so we will chase anything that looks interesting rather than waiting for moderate risk days.  When we do get a day or two to relax we try to visit interesting places, national parks or spend some time mooching around downtown in local cities, and we have had some competitive crazy golf tournaments in the past.  In the evenings we've been known to bowl, or find a decent place to eat with added entertainment (like the Big Texan Steak Ranch - which might not be on your shortlist...)   We can't make guarantees about the weather, it does what it does, all we can do is try our hardest to make sure you get to see the best of what the weather has to offer.   Foodwise, most places on the road have vegetarian options, but it can be quite a restricted choice in 'mom & pop' diners.  We've had vegetarians tour  a few times and I don't think any wasted away while travelling but I'm not sure if we've had a vegan on tour before. You're right, Walmart is everywhere and you can stock up with snacks there for nibbling in the car.   Feel free to email via the contact options on the site if you have any other questions.   Ian
  5. Sprites nailed it, it's known as a rolling shutter, the curse of filming on compact and dslr cameras.
  6. Great to see so many familiar names on the guest list, and a lot of newbies too.  Seeing a first time chasers face as a supercell comes to life is brilliant, camera left forgotten dangling on its strap as everything unfolds.   Don't forget, if you can round up a couple of friends to chase there's a 'Friend finder' discount to claim too.
  7. I've not seen any problems, but will get the guys to check out the server stats to be sure.
  8. It's definitely not flat, crouched with bum on your heels and head near the knees is the most often quoted position - so the shortest route to ground is through the bum to the feet.
  9. I will have a supply of autographed merchandise up for sale this afternoon, form an orderly queue...
  10. The internet connection keeps bombing out for Paul as they travel back to Denver ready to fly home tomorrow, yesterday was an amazing end to the 2015 Netweather tour season, nothing like going out with a bang!  Here's the update Paul has been trying to post :   Last one from me for Chase 2015. One of the Chase Days of the Season. Target was from Buffalo to Bowman and got onto our Supercell between the 2 Towns. First Tornado dropped near Ralph (SD) And after that we witnessed another 4 Tornadoes along this Cyclic Supercells lifetime with 2 more rope Tornadoes and a large Multi Vortex whilst North of the Circulation in the Bears Cage near Glad Valley quickly followed by a Pencil Cone Tornado. After all that we headed to Pierre for the night to regroup or so we thought as coming at us was a Tornado Warned Storm with winds of over 100mph ripped the Town to Pieces with Tornado Sirens Blaring at 230am. Just another day in Tornado Alley and a great send off to the 2015 Chase Season! Some of the Pictures from today -                 We should get some video of the derecho hitting up later too.
  11. Report and Pictures Chase Day 40 - SD

    Smallest supercell ever?  Very cool pics.
  12. Report & Pictures Chase Day 39 - NE/WY

    Nice structure!  That's the one thing I missed this year on T1
  13. Amazing video of yesterdays supercells - it was so close to dropping a tornado at one point!   Brilliant work from Ian Carruthers, thanks for sharing.  
  14. Ha, that first funnel was a proper tease.     ps I hate you all, I'm doing 9 tours next year
  15. Chase Day 28 Discussion - CO/WY/KS/NE

    Best get there early with a picnic, and throw some towels over the best stopping places :-)