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  1. Wales - Weather Chat

    Currently 7.3c here and looked like it rained over night, is it expected to get colder before the front moves in tomorrow or stay milder?
  2. Wales - Weather Chat

    Currently 5.3C here after a high of 7.9C, will be surprised if we get a frost tonight. Just hope the temperatures can drop back enough for Monday but during the day they just seem to be getting too high around here!
  3. Wales - Weather Chat

    Well certainly not 'cold' here now, temp risen to 7.8c! Didn't think temps were going to get this warm today! 
  4. Wales - Weather Chat

    Had a low of 0.3C which is the coldest out of this cold spell, not really that cold for winter though is it? Nice to see the first proper frost in a long time though! It does unfortunately appear now however as though we will miss out on the rest of this cold spell from thismornings models, but hopefully further down the line if we can get some more cold spells in the last half of winter we may see something   However until its over I'm not going to completely write this cold spell off!
  5. Wales - Weather Chat

    Yes and just seen that apparently the front is to stall on the West coast on this run, which would be better for us? Never seen so much change at such short range before!
  6. Wales - Weather Chat

    Just looked at the South West/Central thread, is there anything being predicted/shown for over the weekend or is it going to be dry for Wales?
  7. Wales - Weather Chat

    its snowing! wooo I think my thermometer may be out, as its currently saying 6.3C yet its sleet/ almost complete snow at times coming down?
  8. Wales - Weather Chat

    Shame it's not cold enough for snow here then! 3.7c and the ice is thawing!
  9. Wales - Weather Chat

    It looks as if the rain may have all frozen as soon as its hitting a surface! Seen a lot of people on facebook saying Bridgend is an ice rink!
  10. Wales - Weather Chat

    Just rained here and still 3c, the temp doesn't seem to want to drop here! I think im too low down, are there any chances for us on lower ground or will it not be cold enough?
  11. Wales - Weather Chat

    6.6c and pouring with rain here, no chance of anything wintery haha leaving barry it was 4c with sleet however but Bridgend/Tondu has its winter shield up for now!  
  12. Wales - Weather Chat

    Temps still being forecast as around 5c with rain here Wednesday/Thursday so i think we will be on the wrong side of marginal here! Be interesting if we can cool down enough over the weekend if we manage to keep the cold though! 
  13. Wales - Weather Chat

    Had a lot of heavy hail and icy rain here today, had a covering of hail for well over an hour at one point and got very icy with temps of 5-6c in the showers and currently 8.1c. Least it feels a bit more like winter out there!
  14. Wales - Weather Chat

    I hope I am wrong and it may just be due to the lack of good winters of recent years but I having followed the model thread I can't help but feel us in the south west of the UK will miss out on most of whatever this cold spell delivers! It will be nice to see some more seasonal temperatures though! Just hope that if we don't get any snow then it stays dry for a while!
  15. Wales - Weather Chat

    Had some sleety ice rain last nigh. Very windy thismorning and feeling cold at 5.2c