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  1. GFS 12Z in FI. Yes please!!  Mild dry and hopefully sunny.
  2. Low pressure crashing into the UK for the forseeable. When will the weather gods give us a break i wonder.
  3. Patiently awaiting the first southerly waft of warm air to appear in FI.
  4. Spring 2016

    The daffs are out here and some roadside hedgerows are already developing a green tint of unfurling leaves. And its only January!!
  5. Spring 2016

    It maybe because we have been rather sun starved lately, but the light today did have a slightly brighter look to it around midday indicating the lengthening days and the rising sun. Over a month since the shortest day now.
  6. Spring 2016

    Hopefully the focus of the dry and pleasantly warm weather will be more at the business end of Spring rather than at the start. There is no such thing as using up our quota of nice weather but there does seem to have been a tendency for Springs to become increasingly unsettled towards the end lately.
  7. Really starting to gather pace now with 2 mins extra daylight per day on an evening. Still nowhere near good enough though.
  8. So even with cooler conditions than of late its still going to be comfortably above average for the first 3rd of the month. The models at face value dont look that mild but i guess its because we are in the absolute depths of winter so i guess one would expect the odd frost by now, and the average would reflect that. Still i am surprised by how above average the coming week will be!
  9. I love to see the rising sun casting ever shorter shadows on the lawn as the days progress. Regardless of the actual weather conditions the changes in light levels are a welcome reminder that Spring is approaching.
  10. Theres more to life than sleeping  I like a good nights sleep but id much prefer to get back doing active things on an evening rather than just sat idle.
  11. It appears that some folk are trying to make a silk purse out of a sows ear. The London ensemble mean remains between average and a couple of degrees above for the entire run.
  12. For the southern half of the UK it looks to me like mild rain will just be replaced by cooler rain. This is supported by the 12z London ensembles with the mean never going below average except for a blip on the 1st Jan. Further north the wintry potential is greater but it cant be denied that the cold uppers are having a hard time reaching our shores battling against the Atlantic onslaught. This is by no means set in stone however. I really hope we get a settled spell soon!
  13. It looks like the arrival of cooler/colder weather will occur just after the turn of the month. For a month that has been so mild it is rather fitting that it keeps going right till the end and obliterates the previous December record.
  14. Actually felt chilly today with lower upper temps and fairly brisk winds. Temps were still in double figures however.
  15. Indeed it was sunny right until sunset here too. In 2 weeks time we will have already gained 13 mins of light in the evening so it doesnt take long for the upwards slope to gather pace.