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In addition to our standard terms for using the website and community which cover the nuts and bolts such as spamming, absusive behaviour, copyright etc, which you can see here, please read these additional guidelines which we think we help you enjoy the community in the same way we and 1000's of other members do.

Please bear in mind that the team reserve the right to remove or edit your posts and can restrict your account should you break any of the terms linked to above, or step outside of the guidelines below. We're here to help you and others enjoy your time on here, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Netweather Community - Guide

1. Be Nice! Everyone is welcome to express an opinion, ask a question or share a view so please respect that and treat everyone in the way you'd like to be treated.

2. Don't disrupt the discussions - posting really off topic, trolling (posting to get reaction or wind up), being overly defensive of your position or just making anti-social disruptive posts isn't on and isn't what the community is about.

3. Remember this is a public forum - people from all walks of life are welcome here so please be considerate of the discussions, the topics they're covering and the people taking part in them.

4. Use the team! If you're finding some posts annoying, think someone could be out to cause trouble, think a post doesn't belong in a discussion as it's off topic or anything else, please let the team take the slack. Just hit the report button and we'll check it as soon as possible, please don't respond to it or finger point as that can escalate any potential issue.

5. Enjoy your time on here - with so many interesting topics and loads of great members the Netweather community is an enjoyable place to spend time on. Sometimes discussions can get heated though, so if you're feeling the heat and getting more annoyed than anything else, it's worth taking a break and coming back later.

We hope this helps you get the most out of the Netweather community - we're here to help if you need us and are always keen to hear feedback or ideas so please feel free to contact any member of the team if you need a question answering or have any comments you'd like to make.

The Netweather privacy policy can be found by clicking here

The cookies used on the netweather forum are considered 'essential cookies'. No personally identifiable information is stored within any cookies on Netweather, and registration to the forum requires your consent to use cookies as they are part of the core functionality of the software. These functions include keeping you logged in, marking topics you have read and saving the preferences that you set within your account.