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Mobile App Development - What Would You Like To See?

Posted by Paul, 08 May 2012 · 1,685 views

netweather mobile
As some of you may know, we've been planning and developing mobile apps and more mobile friendly pages on the Netweather site for some time now, and are getting toward a point where we'd like to finalise an initial feature list.

Our initial apps (Iphone & Android) are planned to contain a number of features which include:

Local Weather Forecasts
Latest Local Weather Conditions
Radar (with free and Extra radar's available)
Lightning Detection (again with free and Extra available)
Latest Weather Headlines
Key Weather Charts
UK National Weather Map
Pollen Count
Social Weather Reporting

Before we finalise this list (bearing in mind this is just for the early releases, further items will be added as we move on), we'd like your input. Are there any items you would like to see, any items you don't think are needed, or any design elements you think are important we have?

Any ideas or feedback you can give will be much appreciated and will certainly be taken into account as we develop the apps..

I look forward to hearing what you think!


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Hi Paul, I can't wait.

I would suggest severe weather warnings with a link to the area covered - like radarscope in the US.

It would also be useful to have a storm forecast chart similar to that provided by Nick F.


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I would love the Extra radar to be available on the go!
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Can there be a feature that makes it easy to browse charts? Something where you can simply swipe left or right to move forward or back 6 hours.

Reading charts on mobile devices are a pain in the 'arris. Have been planning to build something myself but would like to see it in a NW app.
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Cheers all.

@Ed - Will definitely look to do something with alerts on there, and good point about the storm forecasts will see if we can't feed them + the map in.

@Nick - Definitely going to have radar.

@Mike, good idea, I think a swipe between charts is do-able so will put that on the planning board.
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an iPad version would be great :D
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Hi Paul,
just seen this. How are the apps coming on?
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